Press Notices

Reviews of the 2008 “Spirited Sounds in a Small, Sacred Space” on the II/14 Schoenstein organ (2001) of the Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee:

Judging by the versatility of repertoire, the clean and imaginative playing, and the continually appropriate registration, Mr. Peters is ideally suited to demonstrate this versatile instrument. All of the pieces, in short, are of musical worth and beautifully played.
      -The Diapason, May 2009

Peters’ performances are marked by their clarity, crispness of rhythm and articulation, precision, and control. This recording proves that a small, well-designed instrument is capable of effects usually associated with much larger instruments.
      -The American Organist, January 2010

Review of conducting the Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis, March 2017:
Assistant Conductor Andrew Peters concluded the concert with Franz Schubert's Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major. …The task of the conductor is to make sure that each melody must ring out clearly and sail into the listener's ears. Peters projected a solid understanding of Schubert's ideas and how they intermingle, making this work an excellent send-off for the enthusiastic audience.
      -Gary Scott, KDHX Radio, March 13, 2017

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